Brain food for hairstylists

All knowledge is connected to all other knowledge. The fun is in making the connections.”
― Arthur C. Aufderheide

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If you’re wanting to have some fun and learn a truckload about beards, color theory and/or cutting, look no further!

Beards 101

For the hairstylist who wants to learn about face shapes, cutting techniques (using shears), and more!

Hair Color Theory+

Whether it be rainbows or blondes and reds, I've got you covered when it comes to color theory and beyond.

Transformation Cuts

From long to short, one-length to shag, or the dreaded BANGS! Let's chat about overcoming the fears of the big chop.


Why learn from The Rad Stylist?

As a former high school teacher, I have years of classroom experience paired with my own behind the chair practice. I love being able to cater to different learning styles, in groups large or small. Fun fact: my family owned automotive paint stores when I was a kid so my color theory knowledge has been engrained since the early 90’s.

What does Shelbs know about beards if she doesn't have one?

Rest assured, I have a weekly waxing and tweezing routine that keeps the beard at bay. But, seriously, I have spent countless hours researching, talking to bearded men, and writing a book even! Just under 30% of my clients are booking beard services with The Rad Stylist.

Will Shelbs travel to my salon/town?

I love an excuse to travel, so the answer is HELL YEAH! Contact me for more details about in-salon trainings.

(My great-grandma Jeanne would have hated that I typed “yeah” instead of “yes”.)

Do you work for Pulp Riot?

In short, no. But that’s the best part, most of us really don’t which allows so much creative freedom. I’m an Indie Educator, one of the artists behind Pulp Riot events, independent education, and private in-salon classes.

Where can I buy the beard book?

I’m in the process of finding a publisher but the book is completed!! Stay tuned for the link to buy.

Are there education videos for sale?

At this moment they are being recorded, which is a bonus for you, the reader. If there is something in particular you’re dying to see in the library, please let me know via email.

contact the rad stylist

For more information, or to book a class with The Rad Stylist, fill out your info below. I look forward to visiting your salon, and sharing my story and knowledge with you and your team.