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Social Media Posts Using Canva: A Hairstylist’s Guide

Has this ever happened to you? You’ve just wrapped up a hair session, your client’s locks are gleaming under the salon lights, and you know this is a look that screams “INSTA-WORTHY”! But when you sit down to create a social media post, you’re left feeling uninspired and overwhelmed by design tools that seem more complex than a color correction on a four-month root regrowth.

Enter Canva: your soon-to-be BFF for all things branding and design. Whether you’re going for a whimsical boho-chic aesthetic or a clean, modern vibe, Canva’s got your back. So, grab your favorite cold brew or chai latte, and let’s dive into how hairstylists like us can make the most out of Canva! And there’s an app for your phone if the desktop isn’t your thing.

Black & gray photo of Shelbs smiling while holding a can of hairspray and donning a Canva Creators badge.

Templates Galore! 🎨

Remember the dope cut you gave Stacey last month? Let’s begin with that. Go to Canva and pick a social media template that aligns with your brand’s feel. They have an array of presets, from Instagram posts to Facebook covers, and more. Decide where you want to share Stacey’s hair and just pick one that resonates with you, we can change the colors and font later.

Instagram template examples showing bright colors and retro styles for use by hairstylists

Drag, Drop, & Customize! 💁

Here’s where the magic happens. Drag your client photos into the template, and then play around. Maybe you want to add a soft filter or overlay your salon’s logo in the corner. With Canva, it’s possible and more! Feel free to rearrange items or add some flair as you see fit. Check out how I easily customized a template I found on Canva to fit my brand.

Instagram template example of a before and after once branded

Typography That Speaks Volumes 📖

Choose fonts that resonate with your brand’s voice. If you’re all about elegance and vintage vibes, maybe a scripted font is your jam. If modern and sleek is your aesthetic, a minimalist font might do the trick. Make sure you use no more than 2 or 3 fonts for your brand. The Canva library has almost endless options for both free and paid subscribers. Here are a few of my favorite font combos right now:

Canva font pairings for use in small business

Color Me Impressed 🌈

My go-to colors? A bright and retro palette including neon green and orange for pops of fun. Every post I design now oozes my brand’s essence. You can save your color palette in Canva’s Brand Kit (for Pro users only currently) and easily access it every time you design something new to keep the look cohesive. Here is a peek at my own brand colors:

color palette of Rad Stylist from Canva

Canva Pro: Worth the Investment? 💰

Yes, Canva’s free version is fab, but the Pro version? Game changer. Access to premium stock photos, resizing abilities, and the magic resize tool (HELLO, posting across multiple platforms without redesigning!) makes it worth every penny.

Real-life example: Last Christmas, I ran a festive discount campaign. Using the magic resize tool, I effortlessly transformed a single design into an Instagram post, story, Facebook cover, and even a Twitter banner. Time-saving at its finest!

Canva just launched Magic Studio at the beginning of October, it’s the best AI-powered features right inside Canva. Some Magic Studio tools are available in free accounts, some are freemium, and some aren’t available in free accounts. Freemium means you can try these tools before upgrading. For example, you can use a Magic Studio feature, like Magic Write, up to 25 times for free. With an upgrade to Canva Pro, Magic Write can then be used up to 250 times per month.

Engage, Engage, Engage! 💬

Canva offers interactive elements like quizzes, polls, and Q&A templates. Use these to engage with your audience, making your brand not just seen, but also heard and felt. If you want to create a welcoming salon environment for guests, why not start with the first touch point of social media or your website?

Real-life example: I recently ran a poll on my Instagram story, using a Canva template, asking clients if they preferred balayage or ombre. The responses poured in, and it gave me a fantastic insight into my dream client’s preferences!

examples of this or that style posts made in Canva to boost engagement on Instagram for hairstylists

Wrap Up

Canva isn’t just a design tool; it’s a canvas (pun intended) for hairstylists to communicate their brand’s essence. So next time you’re sipping on your fave drink during a break, dive into Canva. Play, explore, and watch your salon’s social media presence transform from mundane to magical. The possibilities are endless.

Until next time, stay rad and keep rockin’!

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